What is SnowPay

SnowPay is a crypto-prepaid debit card from SnowGem. Using your crypto for daily transactions has never been easier.

Loading your SnowPay card is simple and easy using our light wallet mobile app, Bitfrost. Bitfrost allows you to fund your card and manage all of your transactions right from your phone. Finally use your crypto whenever, and wherever you want.

SnowPay also supports ATM withdrawals allowing instant access to funds!


Key Features


Worldwide Support

SnowPay is a global product that will be shipped and accepted worldwide.

KYC/AML Compliant

SnowPay is compliant with KYC/AML procedures based on EU and US law.

Large Limits

SnowPay will have a $50,000 USD annual limit with a daily withdrawal limit of $1,000 USD.

Debit card Superlicense

Our Debit card partner provides SnowGem with exclusive rights to the only crypto debit card in the EU issued by them. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding this.

SnowPay Card FAQ

Why should I apply for a SnowPay Card?

The SnowPay card allows users to start using their cryptocurrency like any other plastic card in their wallet for daily purchases. Typically users are required to cash out their crypto by exchanging it on a third party site which then takes an additional few days to clear with the bank and then you have access to your funds. SnowPay solves this by cutting out most of the modern day banking constraints meaning less waiting for your funds to become available. It's time to bridge the gap with crypto and credit, apply for your SnowPay card when registrations open!


Supported Coins

*Supported coins by SnowPay Debit Card

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