SnowGem Draupnir

SnowGem Draupnir is a storage solution targeted at regular users, providing a secure private way to store files and data. There will be no advanced knowledge needed to use the service as this will be handled by the SnowGem Asgard system.

SnowGem Draupnir will be fundamentally based on the Masternode system already implemented on the SnowGem network, providing a Decentralized Storage Network (DSN) to its users who value privacy and a fast, secure network solution.

Users who embrace the soon to be released SnowGem “Blackbox” will be able to participate in the core Draupnir system, providing an investment incentive and decentralized access for the SnowGem Draupnir Content network.

IPFS technology

IPFS or “Inter Planetary File System” technology has been around for a few years now (2015) with the goal of providing a decentralised peer to peer network for storing and sharing data, in a similar manner to BitTorrent.

IPFS is built on a decentralised system which creates a resilient type of file storage system. Any user of the system can add content which is uniquely addressed and encrypted within the network. This unique address is shared with peers across the network for fast file indexing and retrieval in any location.

The SnowGem team believes that running IPFS technology on the SnowGem Content Masternode system will add significant advantages to the network and its users now and far into the future.


Security and Privacy

The SnowGem team take security and privacy very seriously as it is the driving force behind the SnowGem project which is why we have implemented the Draupnir solution along with many other services.

All users data by default are encrypted with AES-256 encryption with the additional use of the users “PGP” or Private Key as an extra layer of assurance which only the user has access to.

Draupnir will have the option to use the Yubico “YubiKey” hardware device to secure users files/data and provide authentication services directly on Asgard. Using a YubiKey device increases security and privacy by the encryption of users passwords from all sites and applications, creating a single login highly secure solution similar to a hardware cryptocurrency wallet.

Decentralized Applications (dApps)

An exciting feature becoming available as part of the Draupnir IPFS solution is the use of third party libraries such as OrbitDB and GUN which are favourable amongst established developers.

OrbitDB which is the prefered choice is a serverless, distributed, peer to peer database system that is suited to IPFS and provides a conflict-free environment for web applications and decentralised applications (dApps).

The ambition here is that the SnowGem Draupnir solution will attract developers to the SnowGem ecosystem by having an all in one cost-effective solution.


Smart Contracts

The SnowGem Draupnir solution will be Beta tested in 2020 for Smart Contract capability, providing an extra layer of value to our network. A Smart Contract on the SnowGem blockchain will enable advanced users to perform functions to automate daily/weekly tasks either transaction or storage related.

Network Tools

To ensure that the SnowGem vision remains as promised now and far into the future, the SnowGem team will leverage a small part of the Draupnir Content Masternode System for dedicated SnowGem only services such as web applications, databases and general management services to ensure we keep to the cryptocurrency vision of being decentralised as much as possible.


Read full Draupnir Whitepaper.