What is BitFrost

In Norse Mythology, ‘Bifröst’ is the burning rainbow bridge that connects Earth and the realm of the gods (Asgard). Similarly, BitFrost is the bridge that connects SnowGem and our light wallet mobile app. BitFrost is not only a wallet, but should be looked at as a crypto swiss army knife with multi-functionality.

BitFrost allows users to manage their SnowGem Masternodes by accessing Asgard, instantly swap their coins with SnowSwap, and load their SnowPay debit card all from their mobile device. Transfer funds to your debit card with ease along with swapping coins quickly and on the go.

This all-in-one wallet makes managing and using your coins safe and easy. Having the mobile capabilities of BitFrost at your fingertips is a powerful feature and can be combined with SnowPay to bridge the gap from crypto to credit for everyday use wherever debit cards are accepted.



Users remain in control of their public and private keys without relying on a third-party custodian

Safe and Secure

login with a username/password along with the option to add a pin number for additional protection

Swap and FIAT Support

Currently swapping: XSG, BTC and LTC. Currently supporting USD and EUR

Crypto-prepaid Card Support

Load your SnowPay card and manage all of your transactions right from the palm of your hand

Public Beta is out

We have applied for Google Play and Apple Store!


Follow our development

Release v0.1.1 - Bugfix release

  • Language improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • AppFlow integration
  • Chinese support
  • Russian support

Release v0.1.0 - Performance patch

  • Performance improvements
  • Added Italian support (IT)

Release v0.0.9 - Multilanguage support

  • No wallet page
  • Token page
  • Linking an ETH walet to a Token wallet
  • Multi-language support (en, pl, ro)
  • Auto login after registration
  • New assets icons (USDT, SUM)
  • Displaying email in settings
  • Custom long press
  • Fixed max button calculates fees