Weekly Update 22w/2020
SnowGem Weekly Update

Welcome to the SnowGem Project May 29th 2020 Community Update.


Major News  

It has been an exciting week for the SnowGem Project and our community. Our Co-Founder @DaX has been leading negotiations with our MasterCard related partners, which we agreed on a co-operation partnership a few weeks ago. After several back and forth meetings, we have concluded what we think is the best for SnowGem and the community.

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To get this far has taken a great deal of work and effort (1-2 years), which will help us achieve a major milestone in mass adoption.

The SnowGem Foundation will sell 40% of its shares to this MasterCard related partner (for legal reasons we can not disclose the name of the main company), who are very experienced in dealing directly with Mastercard and are able to provide full legal and technical support in this area. This MasterCard related partner has been in this type of business since 2014 and currently handle hundreds of thousands of customers daily on other selling platforms, so we would potentially be exposed to many new users which will definitely help us out.

A important thing to remember is that the "SnowGem Foundation" is a service provider to the "SnowGem Blockchain", basically this means that the SnowGem Blockchain that we all support and love will and always will be decentralised inline with SnowGem idealogy.

The SnowGem Foundation will work together with our new partner to push developments in all areas of business, especially the financial services sector. Our partner will be able to help us to complete legal documents related to our platform such as copyrights, integrations within our products (BitFrost etc...), general contracts and exchange negotiations etc... All work will be completed by a skilled team of lawyers, directed by the famous Mr Vinopal who is a specialist in Banking, Financial markets, Fintech and Crypto related affairs. Mr Vinopal is also the head of legal operations for the Coinmate Crypto Exchange.

The SnowGem Foundation will now work with our new partner to finalise our SnowPay Prepaid card  and Swap "SnowSwap" integrations, with card registrations becoming available when we release our beta swap "SnowSwap" service.

We are planning to release a new updated roadmap in the next few days detailing recent news and upcoming partnerships.

The future is bright, the future is SnowGem!


SnowGem BitFrost


We are pleased to announce that our new Bitfrost wallet v0.0.4 (production version) has now been released and is available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for download. This new version has had many refinements compared to v0.0.3 which was the final beta version. You will now find a nicer user interface experience with more features than before, along with a more stable App.


We would still like to encourage users to report any bugs found via the #BitFrost channel on Discord so we are able to fix them in the next version.

In the next release of BitFrost (v0.0.5), which we hope to release in the next couple of weeks will receive a host of refinements and will introduce a basic version of SnowSwap and SnowPay initial registration as mentioned above.

Image Image


#BitFrost v0.0.4 Changelog


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Please check out our Twitter Page, Discord and Telegram for more information on any topics covered and more.


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