Masternode Server Setup

A step by step guide howto create own SnowGem Masternode Server

(Windows wallet & Linux VPS)

There are many different ways to set-up a masternode. This method requires a Virtual Private Server, eliminating the need to run your own computer 24/7. Your funds are also safely stored on your local wallet, not the VPS. The following requirements are needed to set-up a Masternode using this guide.


1 Masternode will work on 1024 RAM or more, 1 Core CPU, 20 GB or more HDD.


A fully synced local wallet

You need to download wallet from Downloads section and wait for sync.

10,000 XSG + 1 XSG for transaction fees

We recommend to have the funds in your wallet from the beginning

A Virtual Private Server (VPS)

We recommend to purchase from Vultr or

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SnowGem maintains that there is no central authority, the system’s decisions will be controlled by nodes in the network. The network is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. We are looking forward to a future where transferring money is no longer complicated and troublesome. 

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