Multiple SnowGem Masternodes Setup

A step by step guide howto setup multiple SnowGem Masternodes

Add more alias data to your wallet. If there’re more than 1 output to your wallet, you’ll see multiple output data.

Add new masternode privatekey for each output.

After adding new alias data, you’ll see all your alias here:

multiple mn

Setup your VPS for the corresponding masternode.

You can start each alias by clicking on “Start MN” then “Start Alias” or start all your masternode by clicking on “Start All” button (this will reset active time of all your MNs)

snowgem footersm2

SnowGem maintains that there is no central authority, the system’s decisions will be controlled by nodes in the network. The network is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. We are looking forward to a future where transferring money is no longer complicated and troublesome. 

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