Common Questions

Please send some small amount to another address (called A) first, then increase number continuously (for example: 50, 100, 200, 300, 600, 1000, etc.) util all coin is sent to ‘A’. After that, just send 10000 XSG from ‘A’ to the main wallet which you use for the MN.

Every block reward is given to different masternode. If there roughly 100 masternodes and the current Masternode payment is 35% hence one masternode gets paid 35% of the block reward every 100 blocks.

Right click on the alias in Simple wallet and choose “Disable”

Please backup all your private keys, close your wallet, rename Roaming/Snowgem folder to Roaming/Snowgem1, open wallet again, then import all private keys and waiting to sync. For more information, please read this

Please send the smaller amount. For more information, please read this

The limit on sending is due to the size of the incoming tx’s. Its not a limit on the number of SNG you are trying to send.

If you want to send larger quantities you will need to consolidate your SNG into larger incoming tx’s into the address.

If you mine to a pool and get 100’s of small tx’s you can send small batches into a different address in your wallet. Then send a larger tx where you want it to go from your consolidated address.

It is just the nature of how a block chain works.

Run the following command: snowgemd -reindex

An immature balance is a newly created coin which is waiting for 100 transactions from the blockchain to post into your wallet.

Go to Send coins, select From and To from Shield coinbase, put the utxo to shield then click on Shield button.

snowgem shieldcoinbase

snowgem footersm2

SnowGem maintains that there is no central authority, the system’s decisions will be controlled by nodes in the network. The network is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. We are looking forward to a future where transferring money is no longer complicated and troublesome. 

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