Asgard is a powerful management tool for SnowGem Masternodes

Asgard is easy to use and secure tool for masternode setup and management. It delivers oneclick installation and set-and-forget feature.

Visit Asgard directly on

app  screenshot

Oneclick setup

Easy, oneclick setup

Easily create masternodes in just few minutes!

Complete monitoring for your node

All information in one place!

Quick support

We are able to help you in real time!

app screenshot
app screenshot

Main features

Easy oneclick masternode setup

Set and forget operation

Automatic VPS and Node updates

Node monitoring and reporting

Nice and easy UI

Detailed statistics

Remote support in case of failure

App layout

Asgard set-up tutorial

An easy video, how to crate and manage your masternodes in Asgard

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SnowGem maintains that there is no central authority, the system’s decisions will be controlled by nodes in the network. The network is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. We are looking forward to a future where transferring money is no longer complicated and troublesome. 

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