Weekly Update 23w/2020
SnowGem Weekly Update

Welcome to the SnowGem Project June 5th 2020 Community Update.

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As a follow up on last week's update, the SnowGem Foundation are now working towards the official signing of our tailor made contract from our MasterCard related investor. This will be a binding contract and will need to be signed personally by SnowGem Management (Tinh Pham -Txid, Jakub Korbel - DaX and Ingar Örn Þórarinsson -Iggipop), we are expecting this to take a few weeks because the manangement team are spread out accross the world.

Towards the end of the month when we expect the contract to be completed, our investor will control 40% of the SnowGem Foundation but the responsibility of all MasterCard related issues, integrations, support and maintenance will be in their hands which will free up a lot more time for the CoreTeam to focus on developing more exciting products and services.

bitfrost roadmap q3


SnowGem BitFrost and Q3 Roadmap

June - The SnowGem Foundation will officially sign and complete an official contract with its MasterCard related Investor/Partner, The SnowGem Foundation will become an official Crypto backed project with dedicated BIN and issuing support. The SnowGem Foundation will be a seperate legal entity from the SnowGem blockchain and will able to handle SnowPay Card transactions alone.

July - We will add SnowSwap functionality for all coins/tokens supported by BitFrost. This will enable users to directly swap coins/tokens within the Bitfrost wallet without any special requirements and KYC. We hope this will create many possibilities for beginners, giving them an opportunity to easily swap or buy their favourite Cryptocurrencies.

August - We will launch a closed beta testing program for SnowPay Cards, which will be limited to 100 Cards. Users will be able to sign up for the beta SnowPay program within the BitFrost App at the time of the announcement. We will release the intended fee structure to users upon beta release, which will be very reasonable and and competitive with other providers. Users can also pre-register for the main release of SnowPay within BitFrost!

September - The official launch of Snowgem SnowPay debit cards! All registered users will recieve a letter via your local postal service with your SnowPay Card and activation key. Activation will be hassle free and immediate.

Q3 will reveal a lot of improvemnts to BitFrost including... Language translations, Masternode monitoring and setup, User customisations and alerts, News and listing of some major coins like PIRL, ZEL, Komodo and Zen. Our Goal is to produce an All in One wallet  -BitFrost!

BitFrost v0.05 is ready for release and will be available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for download shortly. This new version has had many refinements compared to v0.0.4 and we hope you like the upgrade!


We would still like to encourage users to report any bugs found via the #BitFrost channel on Discord so we are able to fix them in the next version.

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v0.06 Preview


bitfrost player*click on image

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