Weekly Update 18w/2020
SnowGem Weekly Update

Welcome to the SnowGem Project May 1st 2020 Community Update.

This week's key focus has been with the SnowGem BitFrost Wallet and the latest Partnership.

SnowGem BitFrost


Our new mobile application is essentially ready for beta testing, we are currently waiting to resolve an issue with the mobile “App” stores which we expect to be completed early next week.

Screenshot 4

We appreciate that many of you are eager to try out BitFrost and have been following our countdown via our official BitFrost web page, our plan currently for BitFrost is as follows…

Stage 1

Announcement of beta ready BitFrost with closed sign up for beta testers. You can sign up as a beta tester by filling out this form on the BitFrost web page. Download links will be provided early next week.

Stage 2

BitFrost beta is intended to last approximately 1 week where you may (as a beta tester) experience the odd bug or error. We would be very grateful if you could give feedback and report any issues, please note this will operate more like a demo version.

Stage 3

BitFrost's full version will be available shortly after a week of beta testing (this gives us a chance to fix any issues) as a minimal version, we will of course add everything as planned soon after in subsequent rolling releases.

Latest Partnership

Our latest potential partnership which we announced last week has made progress in that we have received an offer as described, we are intending to hold a conference call over the weekend to discuss the offer, but at the moment this is looking promising! We will update everyone over the coming week.

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Please check out our Twitter Page, Discord and Telegram for more information on any topics covered and more.

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