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We did not premine or hold an ICO, the founders reward is what will be used to realize the plans of the roadmap and to list the coin on exchanges and informational websites.

Go to Settings and click on Backup wallet

wallet backup

Please send the smaller amount. For more information, please read this https://github.com/zcash/zcash/issues/1970

The limit on sending is due to the size of the incoming tx’s. Its not a limit on the number of XSG you are trying to send.

If you want to send larger quantities you will need to consolidate your XSG into larger incoming tx’s into the address.

If you mine to a pool and get 100’s of small tx’s you can send small batches into a different address in your wallet. Then send a larger tx where you want it to go from your consolidated address.

It is just the nature of how a block chain works.

Go to Settings and click on Reindex wallet

wallet reindex

Please go to Settings in ModernWallet and click on Rescan button.

wallet rescan

Install all dependencies on your PC by following commands:

brew tap discoteq/discoteq;
brew install flock brew install autoconf autogen automake gcc5 binutils protobuf coreutils wget

You need to shield coins first before sending to another address. Go to Shield coins, choose your shielding address and click on Shield or Shield all (in case of multiple MN´s)


All issues you can solve on our Discord channel, on Telegram or you can send email on [email protected].

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SnowGem maintains that there is no central authority, the system’s decisions will be controlled by nodes in the network. The network is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. We are looking forward to a future where transferring money is no longer complicated and troublesome. 

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