Weekly Update - 11w/2020

Welcome to the SnowGem Project March 13th 2020 Community Update.

Key News and Developments of the week…

  • SnowGem SnowPay and CoinGuard
  • Social Media

SnowGem SnowPay and CoinGuard

SnowGem SnowPay continues to make progress, nearing production ready after a little more integration, we hoped to be further along with this but due to the current global crises, this has slowed down a little due to family commitments. As many countries are in a state of lockdown, we intend to use this time wisely for the further development of SnowGem.

We will keep everyone updated!

We are excited to announce our new name for CoinGuard which started out as a typo within the CoreTeam, CoinGuard will now be Rebranded as “BitFrost” multi asset wallet which we think fits well with our current SnowGem product theme and we hope you like it also.

BitFrost which is derived from the word “BiFrost” is taken from Norse mythology and symbolises the bridge between SnowGem services just as it has been depicted in famous Marvel movies.

Apart from a new Codename BitFrost has undergone a number of graphical design changes over the last week and has been successfully tested with a number of Ethereum based tokens.

We appreciate that users have not experienced the BitFrost wallet yet but when it is fully released and passed our quality examinations, we hope you will be blown away with our flagship product!

Social Media

We are please to announce that we have interviewed the legendary John McAffe which you can find below titled “Does Privacy Matter?”.

Coming up…

Once the current climate calms down, we will firstly want to release our new website, then it will be BitFrost (new CoinGuard) along with SnowPay.

Generally most of the hard work is done and we are working on the design as described above.

SnowGem Whitepaper.

SnowGem Vision.

SnowGem Draupnir.

Please check out our Twitter Page, Discord and Telegram for more information on any topics covered and more.


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