Weekly Update 13w/2020

Welcome to the SnowGem Project March 27th 2020 Community Update.

Key News and Developments of the week…

  • SnowGem Statement
  • SnowGem SnowSwap
  • BitFrost Wallet
  • SnowGem Website
  • Security Announcement

SnowGem Statement

SnowGem and the SnowGem CoreTeam are fully committed to the project now and into the future, we are aware that the global situation is not ideal at the moment for many of us (Covid-19) and many of us are now working from home to look after ourselves and families because of government guidelines. This has given us an opportunity to focus on certain parts of our project to get things done, we want to assure you that we are spending these dark times wisely, creating a better Cryptocurrency for all!

SnowGem SnowSwap


Our very own swap service has received a great deal of attention this week, not to be confused with Atomic Swaps, SnowGem’s SnowSwap is designed to be a simple swap service including Ethereum tokens.

We are primarily going to use the swap service for major Cryptocurrency projects, SnowGem partners and registered users. We will use our full MasterCard approved license to deal with the fiat solution to ensure legality and security.

There has been a great deal of work interfacing between our services and third party services for this to work and as it’s nearing completion, this will be a welcomed feature to the BitFrost wallet.

BitFrost Wallet


Currently one of our flagship products, with many features attached is currently getting some User Interface design changes so it is essentially ready for release with a basic selection of coins to start with.

We have a number of third party projects that are interested about listing on our wallet and it’s services, we also have some that have embraced SnowGem and actively signed up. We are making this a priority release because we want to show everyone what we’ve been doing the last few months and that we already have partnerships in place to use the product.

We are currently working on Ethereum token support but this will not affect the initial release. On subsequent Versions, we will add new projects and features to add flexibility for everyone.

Don’t forget this will also be an all in one light wallet with integrated SnowPay and SnowSwap features, a central hub for your favourite projects!

SnowGem Website

Our new website is released in it’s and we don’t mind suggestions and proofing from our community, we hope you like it!

The point of this is to create a clean easy to understand information hub where users new and old can find out anything they want to know about the SnowGem project.

One of the first things people and new investors look for is “information” and we believe that the website is a good start for our Re-brand solution.

Security Announcement

It has come to our attention, Discord in particular, that we are experiencing a number of spam Direct Messages claiming to offer help or offering “Updates”. We are very clear in our approach, No CoreTeam member will message anyone first so if you need help, please reach out to us and check out our text colour (should be Red) and our ID if required.

We are actively working on security solutions all the time to help maintain a safe environment but unfortunately so are these spam accounts. We quickly respond as fast as we can.

All announcements regarding security and updates will always be in the #Announcements channel.

Stay safe and always double check!

Social Media and Coming Up

In case you missed our last interview with Mr John McAffe, please find below.

We have also recently been interviewed by the famous YouTuber Seth Estrada for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.


Further Reading…

Please check out our Twitter Page, Discord and Telegram for more information on any topics covered and more.

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