TENT Project Update Friday 13th November 2020
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The TENT development team have been very busy fine tuning our TENT mobile application (BitFrost) and swap services which can be seen clearly throughout our #dev-diary on DiscordWe are currently working on the next release as planned. Unfortunately due to heavy time contraints and the  amount of problems arising from users out of our control, we will be ending support for SUM on our mobile application until further notice, we will be disabling any new wallet creation for SUM and we will support users to transfer their Crypto out of TENT/BitFrost until the next release. Users can now benefit from the SUM official wallet which we hope will be a good choice for SUM users. The overall goal is to enable our team to concentrate on perfecting our own solutions and give our products and services the attention they may need.

We have a planned network upgrade coming up shortly which will bring some security and stability benefits to the network. This will mean we will have to update our wallets and Masternodes if you hold them. There is no set date for this yet but we are hoping to release everything all at once alongside the new TENT rebrand. We will let everyone know during the next update more specifics on this.

We currently have a website counting down to the full launch of TENT if people are unsure when the full launch is.

Our debit card registration program has been releasd with version 0.1.2 of our TENT mobile application as promised, demand is quite high for this so we urge you if you would like a TENT Debit Card before Christmas to act sooner rather than later. All Fees and limitations will be revealed with the launch of our new website inline with the TENT branding.

The TENT PR campaign is moving along nicely as we planned, we are working on some very nice marketing material such as video clips, flyers, articles and more which we will reveal in due course. We have whole teams working on this to produce a quality campaign, we hope you are ready for it!

During the next few weeks we will be introducing a survey for our community (and other followers) to complete if you wish which will ask questions about your experiences with Crypto and our project in particular. The aim of this is to get a better understanding on our community/followers so we can clearly identify wishes and behaviours which will help us in our marketing efforts. This is optional but we will be very grateful on any feedback we receive.

Careful followers can easily check out our #dev-diary on Discord and GitHub for daily progress information.




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