Goodbye SnowGem, Hello TENT

SnowGem, the privacy-oriented blockchain project behind the multi-asset non-custodial digital wallet, otherwise known as BitFrost, today announced the completion of a joint venture company together with MoneyZoom Ltd - a new & flexible payments specialist with a focus on emerging fintech products.

We will work together towards creating the world’s best platform to allow our users to buy, sell, convert & spend cryptocurrencies & other assets in real-time, with maximum security and compliance.

Our new ecosystem will include debit cards, enabling our users to spend their cryptocurrencies in merchants worldwide.

Users will be able to buy cryptocurrencies in real-time, directly into a secured, non-custodial wallet. The debit card will be linked with the wallet enabling users to draw funds directly from the wallet., Additionally, users will be able to seamlessly change between cryptocurrencies in our platform.

Our new platform will be called TENT and will encompass our currency, wallet and payment card services. The SnowGem name will be phased out in favour of our new TENT brand.

We are working to open our debit card pre-registration program in October, where our users can pre-register for our upcoming cards in advance of the November official release of the final stable version of our platform.





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