Weekly Update 36w2020
SnowGem Weekly Update

Welcome to the SnowGem Project 4th September 2020 Community Update.

Latest News (MasterCard)

As a follow up from our last update,  Mr David Cairns is now welcomed as part of the SnowGem CoreTeam and will be our future joint CEO of the Snowgem Foundation and will be our first point of contact with MasterCard related issues. If you have any questions about our MasterCard joint venture, please reach out to @DavidC on Discord. The CoreTeam and MasterCard team have successfully had the first official BitFrost development meeting where everyone was introduced and "next step plans" were discussed to enable us to continue to build on our progress. The marketing meeting has been successful with some positive PR about to come, something to watch out for!

Debit Card Beta Program

The SnowGem Foundation and our Mastercard related investors have decided after a long technical disscussion to open the debit card registration program starting early October along with the release of BitFrost v0.1.0, everything is prepared for this with some careful planning. We will have Official announcements with more details over the next week.

Asgard Masternodes

We have successfully migrated to a new and improved method of hosting for our Asgard managed Masternodes which will enable us to develop the Asgardv2 service and introduce new features to ensure our Masternodes are working optimumly.

Planned Network Upgrade (Reminder)

We are still planning to release a new updated daemon which will go live on and after block 1,414,160 which is in approximately 5 days.

The new daemon is now available to download here and we encourage users to not leave the upgrade to the last minute if you are managing your own upgrades, we need to update our Wallets and Masternodes. Snowgem ModernWallet will download the new daemon automatically and all managed services will also be automatic. There is no need to re-start your masternode from the ModernWallet with this update.


BitFrost release v0.0.8 is currently being tested before release and will include multilanguage support along with bug fixes including "Max Button" error while using SnowSwap. We will create a seperate announcement when this is ready.

We will continue to follow progresss on the next weekly update.

Careful followers can easily check out our #dev-diary on Discord and GitHub for daily progress information.

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Please check out our Twitter Page, Discord and Telegram for more information on any topics covered and more.

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