Weekly Update 35w2020
SnowGem Weekly Update

Welcome to the SnowGem Project 28th August 2020 Community Update.

Latest News (MasterCard)

As a follow up from our last update, we are pleased to present Mr David Cairns. David is a long-time partner of our MasterCard investor who has participated on a number of interesting projects. Most importantly, he is an extremely capable manager with experience in the fintech industry regarding both startups and established companies. From now on, David will act as our representative/appointed manager for our joint venture with full authority to represent us and act on our behalf and will serve as our main point of contact in terms of project management and operations. More specifically, David will be tasked with co-managing and overseeing project development. David´s position in his current venture is Joint-Chief-Executive and so his experience will prove invaluable to the project. David will also join our community so he can be in daily contact with each of you to get a feel of the project and community.

Debit Card Beta Program

We firstly must apologise for the delay in starting the beta debit card program and publishing the fee structure, we would like to explain it in a bit more detail.

As we announced and explained a few weeks ago, there was a delay with version 0.0.7 - first BitFrost version with swap support, because we wanted to add more functionality for our debit cards registration. At that time we  received information that the MasterCard developers would join our team to help us with debit card integration, we then decided to completely connect our system to theirs. It means that the MasterCard group will process the registration process including processing transactions, refunds, limit changes, contact changes, blocking etc. We wanted to create own system, but when MasterCard offered us this opportunity, we accepted because it is a totally reliable and robust system, ready to use. We are now working on integration together with the MasterCard developers. It can sometimes be disappointing to work on something again when we were close to completing it on our own, but in this case, this will save us hours of work to focus on other areas for SnowGem.

As per our last weeks update, we hired a new core team worker - Bartosz Szpara - to speed up our development process as much as possible. Even with one more developer it´s still a lot of work and we want to deliver a stable product without bugs, we have decided to postpone the Debit Card registration process to make sure everything works as expected. We have dedicated the whole of September to this and it will be released in the next version of BitFrost (v0.0.9).

Planned Network Upgrade (Reminder)

We are still planning to release a new updated daemon which will go live on and after block 1,414,160 which is in approximately 12 days.

The new daemon is now available to download here and we encourage users to not leave the upgrade to the last minute if you are managing your own upgrades, we need to update our Wallets and Masternodes. Snowgem ModernWallet will download the new daemon automatically and all managed services will also be automatic. There is no need to re-start your masternode from the ModernWallet with this update.


BitFrost release v0.0.8 is coming out in few days (apologies, we stated last week that v0.0.8 was already out but we actually meant v0.07 - Sorry!), there will be major changes in performance, added new swap pairs and new projects. Our awesome developers were able to add translations in this version, we are going to add most of the language support as fast as we can to provide the best crypto experience in your local language.

We will follow up progress on the next weekly update.

Careful followers can easily check out our #dev-diary on Discord and GitHub for daily progress information.

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Please check out our Twitter Page, Discord and Telegram for more information on any topics covered and more.

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