SnowGem Announcement 12th August 2020
Dear community,


Yesterday - on the 11th August 2020 - Filip and Jakub were in a personal meeting with our MasterCard partners. We would like to summarise the main topics from this meeting to bring you our latest news about this great partnership.

1. Shareholder´s agreement

After several months of negotiations, paperwork and meetings with lawyers, we have finally closed our shareholder´s agreement between our MasterCard partners and the SnowGem Foundation company. Both of our teams are now completely connected and we are starting to work together on a daily basis to bring our product to the top of the cryptocurrency world, including exchange services, swap services and of course crypto debit cards.


2. We have hired a professional PR company to handle official announcements and marketing campaigns

To properly announce our co-operation and our further public relations, we have hired a professional PR team that will help us spread the word about our services and hopefully will be the key to our success. Within a few days, we will have articles in local media and also in major cryptocurrency newspapers.


3. Our Budget for the upcoming months is on the way

Thanks to our MasterCard partners, the SnowGem Foundation now has stable, reliable and strong fundamentals ready for further development. Our team will now slowly grow in all positions alongside our upcoming success. SnowGem is a community driven project, we will also open positions for community members and the community will always have the right to choose the direction of the project.


4. MasterCard partner identity

We were kindly asked to not disclose the identity of our MasterCard partner for now and wait for the proper PR announcement later. This is because there are many aspects to this partnership and it would be difficult to explain the whole business structure without the many upcoming professional PR announcements. We fully respect their decision and this will be revealed when the time is right.

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