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SnowGem Weekly Update

Welcome to the SnowGem Project July 24th 2020 Community Update.

Latest News  

As a follow up from last weeks update, our partnership with the MasterCard related investor is very close to completion, all paperwork which is needed for Cryptocurrency based cooperations has been completed and is ready to be signed off which we are hoping to get this done ASAP. We appreciate that this may seem old news but our legal teams are quite thorough in their approach and out of experience, legal matters can take some time which we have been working hard to minimise the impact on our roadmap endeavours.

As you may have noticed over the past few days, MasterCard are moving into the Crypto industry with its credit and debit card payment solutions, which is great for cryptocurrency adoption. We actually had a sign that MasterCard were interested in Crypto a couple of months ago and as time moves on, MasterCard are slowly revealing their plans for the Crypto space. We are happy that we will have a chance to be one of the first pioneer projects.

We also have some very good news about the MasterCard related investors, our Co-Founder DaX asked them on the last meeting to do a video for the community and they agreed. After all legal steps, you will be able to directly ask them a few questions, we will also talk about our partnership and the future of cryptocurrency card payments. To be announced soon!




Now that many things are happening in the background with MasterCard cooperation, we have decided to add one more feature to BitFrost version 0.0.7 which will help us speed up the Debit Card registration process in version 0.0.8 which will be released just a couple of days after the major 0.0.7 version. We apologise for the delays, we have spent long hours on this new version for good reason, we want to be sure that we provide you with a 100% working product so that we can quickly release the Debit Card registration program as we now have a lot of demand from Beta test users.

Everything about BitFrost and the new version will be announced as a separate blog as there are many new features which need to be explained and precisely tested before we offer our app to the "masses" :)

We have already started work on BitFrost v0.0.8 which will introduce a number of exciting features, enhancements and BNB/Zcashy coins support, we will provide more updates on this when we can.

Further details on v0.0.6 can be found via our BitFrost Changelog here.

Careful followers can easily check out our #dev-diary on Discord and GitHub for daily progress information.

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