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SnowGem Weekly Update

Welcome to the SnowGem Project July 17th 2020 Community Update.

Latest News  
As a follow up from our last update, The SnowGem Foundation are waiting for our MasterCard related investor's lawyers to complete documentation, we are expecting these documents to be ready for review early next week. If everything goes according to plan, we will sign all documents within a few days after reviewing. Meanwhile our MasterCard related investors are working on a business plan which includes marketing, copyrights and a formal rebrand of our BitFrost application. All this will give us the global MasterCard support we are wanting to achieve.
Security Update (Asgard)
Our Asgard service was unsuccessfully attacked on the 12th of July (users were sent reset requests) and due to the dilegence of the CoreTeam, the Asgard service was disabled immediately to perform service diagnostics. We were able to identify the person responsible and take action accordingly. We found no damage or security issues but we have monitored our service, restored from our backups and added another layer of security until Asgardv2 is released to be certain of no further issues.

It is important to point out that the Asgard service is just the "middle man" to your registered Masternodes, we store no financial information or coins and all login details are secured in a secure database.

We have been lucky enough to enlist @Void who is a security expert and the creator of Cryon - multi node management software  who is taking ownership of the Asgard service for us and will help us deliver the Asgardv2 system which will be the ultimate Masternode hosting service.
44553209  asgard 


We are finalising BitFrost v0.0.7 which will include SnowSwap support. We are hoping to release to the Google Play and Apple App stores next week. We have had to spend much more time on this version due to the complexity and differences in storage structure. We are hoping our peer review system that we have adopted in this version will produce a more bug free product but we would be grateful for any feedback from users so that we can fix any issues in the next version.

Users of BitFrost v0.0.7 will not only benefit from SnowSwap, we have also added USDT support and many other backend features to keep BitFrost up to date and more secure.

We have already started work on BitFrost v0.0.8 which will introduce a number of exciting features, enhancements and BNB/Zcashy coins support, we will provide more updates on this when we can.

Further details on v0.0.6 can be found via our BitFrost Changelog here.

Careful followers can easily check out our #dev-diary on Discord for daily progress information.

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